Friday, August 07, 2015

Speaking4Him Podcast #148: Our Beautiful Secret Update

“God has created Jonathon for Theresa I to love, nurture, and help him grow to be the best he can be. Looking back over the time Jonathan has spent here with us on earth I ask myself, “would I do anything differently?" "Would I have given him up for adoption?" "Would I have encouraged aborting him?" "Would I (fill in the blank)?" My answer would be no. Jonathan has taught me more about being kind, forgiving, and trusting than any other life lesson could have. I am proud that Jonathan calls me dad and he is my son.” Larry Peavey
Angela Peavey

On today's show Angela Peavey returns to update us on what has been happening with Our Beautiful Secret!  She shares an exciting announcement and also talks about what's next for Big Shoes Productions!  Listen Here and share with your friends! 

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