Friday, June 18, 2010

The Man I Need to Be!

The Man I Need To Be
By Andrew Gommesen

I want to thank the Lord for the dad he gave to me,
The man God chose to show me the man I need to be.
My Dad he isn’t perfect, he never claimed to be,
But he set a good example for my siblings and for me.

My Father taught me many things to get me through this life,
How to raise a family, and how to love a wife.
But most of all he told me of the Man of Galilee,
Who is the best example of the man I need to be.

He loved the little children, treated women with respect,
And still today He’s faithful, never guilty of neglect.
He walked with purpose toward the cross, he face set like a flint,
Never did he waver, not a single hint.

Still today He prays for us at the Father’s hand,
His the only Merit by which we now can stand.
He gives us everything we need and a great deal beside,
There is great joy for those who in Him now abide.

My father’s learned a lot from this Man of Galilee,
And I’m so glad that with great care, he passed it on to me.
Because of his example, and the One Who died for me,
I know one day that I will be the man I need to be!