Friday, November 14, 2014

Speaking4Him Podcast #110: Sanders Family Christmas

“Now, which June Bug would you rather be? This nice June Bug flying in perfect circles or a nasty June Bug flying around helter-skelter getting into God knows what? Nobody? Well, I think I know the answer. And I’m here to tell you tonight that Jesus wants to run a thread from His mighty hand to the hind leg of your soul. Let Him tie it on tonight, and as long as we don’t pull too hard on that thread, it’ll get stronger and stronger. And thicker and thicker. And we will fly in perfect circles around God’s head in this hateful world and in the glorious world He has prepared for us beyond.” 

Vera Sanders

Dennis Sanders

Today on the Show Adam McNutt and I talk about Sanders Family Christmas the Christmas Show at Master Arts Theater for 2014  This is a fun Celebration of the true meaning of Christmas.  Listen Here and hear Pris McDonald talk about how this iconic family has become a staple at Master Arts! 

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The Show runs Nov 21 - Dec 14, 2014

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