Friday, October 18, 2013

Speaking4Him Podcast #54: Singing For Him With Sarahjane Sanders

“It is natural to speak of hymns as "poems," indiscriminately, for they have the same structure. But a hymn is not necessarily a poem, while a poem that can be sung as a hymn is something more than a poem. Imagination makes poems; devotion makes hymns. There can be poetry without emotion, but a hymn never. A poem may argue; a hymn must not. In short to be a hymn, what is written must express spiritual feelings and desires. The music of faith, hope and charity will be somewhere in its strain.”
Hezekiah Butterworth
Sarahjane Sanders

Today on the Podcast Sarahjane Sanders talks about how her Father's dream led her to make a CD of hymns called He's Everything to Me. Join us as we talk about her faith, her training as a singer, and how she put together the CD. We also hear a couple tracks from the album! Listen and sing along! 

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In closing I just wanted to ask you to check out this planned movie Life In Spite of Me!  It's a great story of God's grace and the movie could use our support! 

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