Friday, November 13, 2015

Speaking4Him Podcast #162: The Christmas Schooner

“I left the theater wanting to see other tales of Christmas traditions. We have been so saturated with 19th century England, with its images of plum puddings, roast goose, and holly, that we have lost sight of the many traditions that have infused our culture.
Although The Christmas Schooner does not go as deep as A Christmas Carol, which tells the story of a soul’s reclamation, it does present us a noble soul who quietly enhances the lives he touches. Sounds like a Christmas message to me.”
Sharon Kilarski, Epoch Times December 15, 2014

Today Adam McNutt and I share an interview I did with Director Cathy Van Lopik and Musical Director Richard Cerchia about the 2015 Christmas Show at Master Arts Theatre The Christmas Schooner. Enjoy this behind the scenes look and then come see the show!!!  Listen Here!

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