Friday, December 13, 2013

Speaking4Him Podcast:#62 A Christmas Carol Part 3

"I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,' said the Spirit. `Look upon me.' `You have never seen the like of me before?' exclaimed the Spirit. `Never,' Scrooge made answer to it."
 -Charles Dickens
Adam McNutt
Adam McNutt and I welcome some good friends of mine to continue to read A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens in a fun and excitng way! Listen Here!

Podcast 3: Stave 3 Page 24-36

Narrator-Dan Widdis

Scrooge-Tim Peerbolt

Ghost of Christmas Present-Dale Bales

Martha-Hope Gommesen

Young Cratchit-Charity Gommesen

Bob Crachit-Michael Gommesen

Mrs. Cratchit-Debra Gommesen

Tiny Tim-Isaac Peerbolt

Fred-Adam McNutt

Fred’s Wife-Marilou Peerbolt
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