Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Corruptible: A Dud

The Corruptible by Mark Mynheir

I am always up for a great mystery.  I also specifically appreciate books of this genre that are free of objectionable content.  Because of this, I was somewhat intrigued by The Corruptible.  I was mainly disappointed.

Ray Quinn is a retired police officer who became a private detective.  He has a severe injury which he tries to ignore by drowning the pain in the bottle.  The main characters are rounded out by an office assistant named Pam and a brash young sidekick named Crevis.

This story gets an A+ for being a clean read, but that’s about it. Ray is a bitter man and though the reasons are hinted at, the details of why are not laid out.  Pam loves God, and Jesus is mentioned, but God’s wonderful plan of Redemption is never laid out.  Crevis is supposedly trying to get into the police academy.  He is presented however almost as a dimwitted high school dropout!

The case begins with a stolen satchel and hard drive.  The clues seemed to come together way too easily.  The author gave the impression the Crevis (and the reader) were incapable of figuring anything out themselves.  There were way too many clichés and it went too many directions.

1/5 stars  


Waterbrook Press gave me this book for my honest review

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